Faux Hostel - Selfie crazed nubile gets the plow of her youthfull life

When the Faux Hostel Landlord hears a commotion outside on the front steps, he opens the door to find Cassie Fire taking selfies. Cassie asks for a bedroom in inbetween snapping selfie after selfie for every social medial platform she can think of! The Landlord leads her to her guest room, then leaves her to douche. As she showers, the Landlord slinks back in and takes a whiff of her underpants, but then has to lurk in the top bunk when all of a sudden, she comes back! That night, the Landlord offers to take some exclusive selfies with Cassie, as he deep throats her boobies and gobbles her slit and arse, then spunks on her face to give her a real artistic selfie specimen!


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